We, the FET Young Explorers, Andre Estévez-Torres, Ilka Axmann and Sven Findeiß, successfully raised EU funding for the RiboNets project. After three and half years RiboNets ended in April 2017. Our achievements, including publications and developed software, are listed below.

Our multi-disciplinary approach blended the three layers of in silico, in vitro and in vivo analysis and fostered the successful engineering of functional RNA molecules.  Please find more details about the project and the consortium at the corresponding sub pages.



Apr 2018: New Publications

Despite the fact that the RiboNets project officially ended almost one year ago we still publish our colaborative work, e.g. recently in ACS Synthetic Biology. For moe details see our list of publications.

Dec 2017: RiboNets in Fet2Rin

During the last months, Ribonets participated in Fet2Rin, a training workshop for FET projects to train our team in business related topics like market acceptancy, early stage investments and crowdfunding possibilities.

Sep 2017: RiboNets in Laborjournal

Ilka has been interviewed about our RiboNets project. The interview (in German only) can be found on the Laborjournal webpage.

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